What makes a great coffee

There are many different kinds of coffee, each with its own unique scent, texture and flavour combinations. By the time coffee reaches the cup, many are composed of blends or mixtures, combining different flavours.

We believe that the purest coffees create the best tasting experience. We’ve tasted hundreds of coffees to compile our top 10. Each is exquisite, so if you’re looking for something new and wonderful, simply send us an order.


Names to remember

  1. Kenya Arabica AB

  2. Ethiopia Arabica Yirgacheffe grade 2.

  3. Ethiopia Arabica Sidamo grade 2.

  4. Tanzania Arabica AA.

  5. Colombia Arabica Excelso.

  6. Guatemala Arabica SHB

  7. Costa Rica Arabica SHB.

  8. Peru Arabica MCM.

  9. Honduras Arabica SHG.

  10. Congo Arabica Kivu 4 Lakeside.

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