Bijdendijk Coffee Since

Our history

In 1843 the Bijdendijk family began trading in tea and coffee. These relatively new commodities were becoming increasingly popular and for over a hundred years the Bijdendijk family ran a successful and well-reputed business. In the 1970s, the company changed direction, focussing on coffee. The Bijdendijk family withdrew from managing the business, leaving their name as a hallmark of quality.

Today, Bijdendijk operates on the world stage, importing and exporting coffee. As an independent company, we have a hundred-year-old reputation for providing excellent coffee and attentive customer service. While adopting cutting-edge communications and logistics technologies, we maintain the traditions that ensure each customer receives high quality beans in every shipment.

We personally test dozens of coffees, searching for the best beans and eliminating sub-standard shipments. Our team have the experience and expertise to select a brilliant bean, sourcing coffees from around the world. We provide a tailored solution for each client, whether it’s a reliable Costa Rican coffee or a unique house blend.

Our vision

Customer service is our top priority. Bijdendijk has a long history as a respected and well-known player in the international coffee trading business, and we continually strive to live up to our reputation by ensuring that each and every customer gets the full value of our expertise.