Coffee from Vietnam

Coffee from Vietnam

In 1857 the first coffee plants were introduced here by French missionaries and around 1888 plantations were founded in the northern plains of Vietnam. Early 1900 it was determined that the area around Tay Nguyen was ultimately suitable for growing coffee and so this area became extremely important for Robusta coffee. Since the year 2000 Vietnam has been the most important supplier for Robusta coffee and comes second as producers of coffee in the world.

Grading and screensize:
Vietnam has different ways to describe the quality of coffee:

– Grade:
Grade 1, 2 en 3 are quality descriptions based on imperfections.

– Screensize:
Screen 13,14,16 en 18 are ways to grade/describe bean size.

Polished: Wet Polished (shortened as WP) is a way to rid the coffee bean of its skin, which improves the appearance and the flavor.

An example of a way to indicate the quality of coffee as described above is:      Vietnam Robusta Coffee Grade 1 screen 16 Wet Polished.

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