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Cupping coffee

Cupping coffee: essential to Bijdendijk and our customers!

Cupping coffee: essential to Bijdendijk and our customers! To be 100% sure we deliver the right quality we are one of the few Dutch companies that evaluates each sample of coffee we receive on the bases of appearance. We also burn and taste each sample ourselves.

The steps in our quality control:

  1. Each sample we receive is registered and receives a unique ID number. After registration we check the appearance of the raw coffee (We look for possible damages, defects etc. in the green coffee bean)
  2. We roast the sample on our Probat sample roaster.
  3. After the coffee beans have been ground and served, the coffee is tasted by the Bijdendijk test panel and the flavor put in words.
  4. The samples are divided into different categories, e.g. approved, pre-shipment etc. and either stored or shipped to our customers.

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