About Bijdendijk

A family business that has been dealing with coffee since 1843

A great deal of experience and passion for our product!

Bijdendijk BV is a trading company in raw coffee beans. Family Bijdendijk has a long history which started in 1843. The family founded a company which specialized in coffee and tea. In the 1970s of the previous century we chose to specialize primarily in coffee.

In the coffee branch our company is a relatively small, but strong player. Bijdendijk has achieved this position through an excellent branding with customers and suppliers.One of the reasons is that Bijdendijk will only buy or sell after a sample of each batch has been individually tested for aroma, color and flavor.

Great service with a personal touch

We would like to ensure that the name Bijdendijk B.V. plays a significant role in the coffee branche for coming decades.

With a total of eight employees at our office we serve our suppliers and clients daily. Service is of paramount importance. We also like to make sure we deal with our clients on a personal level. We offer many of our clients customized service; your wish is our (coffee) command.

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