Coffee Import and Export

The best, pure unroasted (raw) coffee!

The coffee we have in stock in the European ports is used for deliveries within Europe or for export outside of Europe. In addition it is of course possible to ship directly from the country of origin to the port of destination.

The largest part of our stock is stored in Middelburg, the Netherlands. From this warehouse we are able to deliver full transport trucks with only one variety of coffee. Also possible is to order a truck with a mix of coffees or just one or two bags can be delivered to you. 

The greatest flavor sensation of (with) our coffee

Coffee, like wine, has a large variety of types and flavors. Taste is personal and is difficult to capture in words and descriptions.

However we have a clear preference for certain coffees in our product range. Below you find our top 10

  1. Colombia Arabica Supremo screen 18
  2. Ethiopia Arabica Yirgacheffe grade 2
  3. Indonesia Arabica Mandheling grade 1
  4. Panama Arabica SHB Bouquete
  5. Guatemala Arabica SHB Coban
  6. Kenya Arabica AA TOP
  7. Ethiopia Arabica Sidamo grade 2
  8. Peru Arabica HB MCM grade 1
  9. India Robusta Kaapi Royale AA 18
  10. Washed Vietnam Robusta screen 15

Coffee producing countries

Coffee is produced worldwide.

The top 5 of coffee producing countries:

1. Brazil (robusta coffee beans and mainly arabica coffee beans)
2 Vietnam (mainly robusta coffee beans)
3 Colombia
4 Indonesia
5 India

The origin of the coffee is as varied as the taste. Every bean travels the world around before it ends up in your cup of coffee.

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