Coffee from India

Coffee from India

The coffee culture in India can be traced back to Baba Budan. It is said that he smuggled coffee beans from Mecca, Saudi Arabia and planted them in the mountains of the Chikkamangaluru district known as Baba Budan Giri. Coffee cultivation on a commercial level started in the 18th century and the coffee market is currently mostly focused on export.

Plantation Arabica
This is the description of the crops of India Arabica coffee. The names (grade /indication/ label) Plantation AA, Plantation A and Plantation B refer to the screen size of the coffee beans.

Monsooned Malabar Arabica
Monsooned indicates that these unwashed Arabica beans were subjected to the ‘monsooning’ process. In the 18th century these beans were shipped from the south of India to Europe in wooden vessels. During this journey the beans were exposed to humidity and tropical sea winds. This affected the beans in such a way that it gave them their characteristic/unique flavor. To copy/imitate this process the beans are exposed to tropical monsoon winds in well-ventilated warehouses on the coast of Malabar. For 2 to 3 months the beans are given the ‘monsooning’ treatment to create this characteristic flavor. For the Monsooned coffee, grades AA and A are also used to indicate the screen size. 

CherryArabica and Cherry Robusta
The name Cherry is given to the traditionally prepared sundried coffee. The name Cherry is used for both Arabica and Robusta. In this case the screen size is also indicated by letters, for example India Rubusta Cherry AA.  

Parchment Robusta
Parchment Robusta is the washed Robusta from India. In India the washed Robusta is also called Royal Coffee, or ‘Kapi Royale’. 

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