Costs for transporting are rising: this is the effect for your cup of coffee


Costs for transporting are rising: this is the effect for your cup of coffee

The transport industry is having a hard time. The costs of transport are skyrocketing. In addition, there are increasingly strict controls on the shipment and transport of almost any goods. This is not different in the world of coffee. This also applies to the shipping of coffee from coffee-producing countries to our office. In addition, the cost of shipping the coffee beans to our customers also increases.

Timber costs
To transport coffee, wood is used. This is because the coffee beans are stacked on pallets. These pallets are made of wood and are also a lot thicker than the pallets we are all used to. The main reason for this is that the pallets must be able to carry the high numbers of bags filled with coffee. The prices for wood have, quite understandably, risen significantly. More and more efforts are being made to protect the environment and to maintain as much forest as possible. To be able to guarantee this, various quality marks have been introduced. At Bijdendijk we attach great value to these labels because we believe that a better environment starts with ourselves. Besides pallets, the choice is occasionally made to transport beans on a pallet in a wooden box, which then goes into the sea container. Again, the price of wood will further increase the price of transportation.

Diesel surcharge
Another phenomenon is the diesel surcharge. Since the war in Ukraine, diesel prices have been rising massively. Transport companies protect themselves in advance against the increase in diesel prices. This is the so-called diesel surcharge. This surcharge is used by transport companies to guarantee that they can continue to work for their clients without going bankrupt themselves due to the increase in diesel costs. In the end, this will also affect the price of a cup of coffee. It will become more expensive to ship the brown gold, which will also increase the price of our beans.

Other costs
Costs are also made in many other areas to get the coffee to Europe. Among other things, terminal surcharges are paid for the ports. In addition, a so-called security surcharge is paid for each container. This security charge enables customs and the government to counter terrorist activities. Fortunately, these last two surcharges are not subject to the moment and these prices do not fluctuate enormously. Still, everything has to do with the final price.

At Bijdendijk we keep an eye on the costs every day to be able to provide you with the best coffee beans at a good price. In doing so, we are dependent on various factors that can influence the price of coffee. At Bijdendijk, we will always try to deal with this in the best way possible.