Fairs and Exhibitions that Bijdendijk attends in the coming year


Fairs and Exhibitions that Bijdendijk attends in the coming year

At Bijdendijk, we think it’s important to be connected with our customers, colleagues, distributors and coffee plantations. For that reason, we are regularly on the road. Whether it’s a visit to one of our customers to provide more information about our coffee or being in close contact with our plantations. We think along and work together to find the best solutions. For this reason, we can also be found at a number of trade fairs and events in the near future.

World of Coffee (Milan, Italy)

June 23 – June 25

The first event where Bijdendijk will be present is the World of Coffee. This event is organized this year in the country where espresso was born, Italy. In the Milano Convention Centre, you can find us, together with many other companies in the coffee industry. From our own stand we will be presenting our best coffee beans for tasting.

During this event there is a lot to experience. From lectures and workshops to the opportunity to participate in a coffee cupping session. Every coffee lover is taken care of during this event. In addition, 100% of the income from visitors will go to the Ukrainian coffee industry, which has been badly damaged by the war.

Would you like to know more about World of Coffee, buy tickets for the event or are you looking for more practical information? Check out the website of World of Coffee.


TriesteEspresso Expo (Trieste, Italy)

October 27 – October 29

This year we will also be present in the coffee city of Italy, Trieste. For centuries this city has been connected with coffee. Over 2.5 million bags of coffee beans are processed here every year, just for the Italian industry. In addition, the city has had its own coffee company since 1933, which is known throughout the world: Illy. Since 1999 there even is a real coffee university at the headquarters of Illy.

The event in Trieste is known for the quality of the stands and the way the event is organized. Besides the best names in coffee beans, you will also find the latest developments in technology at the event. From coffee machines to grinders and roasters. Everything can be found at this fair.

Would you like to know more about TriestEspresso Expo, are you looking for tickets or more practical information? Then take a look at the website of TriestEspresso Expo.

Tuttofood 2023 (Milan, Italy)

May 8, 2023 – May 11, 2023

In addition to coffee fairs, we are also active in other types of fairs. For example, in May 2023 we will also be attending Tuttofood in Milan. This major trade fair is organized for and by the entire food industry. It is therefore one of the most popular festivals for everyone who loves food and beverages.

During the event, the public can walk around different stands and different sectors. From frozen foods to pasta and seafood, from dairy products to coffee and wine. At this fair you can find every component of the food industry. Enjoying delicious food and strolling along the nice stands? It’s all possible at Tuttofood in Milan.

Would you like to know more about Tuttofood 2023? Are you already looking for tickets or do you want practical information? Take a look at the website of Tuttofood and get inspired