Coffee from Costa Rica

Coffee from Costa Rica

The history of Costa Rica has a strong link to coffee. After Costa Rica became independent at the beginning of the 19th century, the government gifted coffee seeds to farmers who were interested. This was done in order to support the economy by means of the production of coffee. The plan worked and due to the export of coffee the economy flourished. San Jose became a prosperous city with paved roads, street lights and a tram line.

Tarrazu Arabica
In the world of coffee, Tarrazu is the most well-known region of Costa Rica. The Zona de los Santos is an area where mostly SHB (Strictly Hard Bean) coffee is grown on at an altitude of between 1300 and 1700 meters. Besides Tarrazu, the Central and West Valley are important regions for the production of coffee.

Quality Description:
The terms Strictly Hard Bean (SHB) en Hard Bean (HB) are used to indicate at what altitude the coffee is grown. Coffee grown above 1300 meters grows slower, resulting in a firmer and more compact coffee bean.

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