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G. Bijdendijk BV is a trading company in unroasted (raw) coffee beans. Bijdendijk is a modern company with a history that goes back a long way. In 1843 the Bijdendijk family started trading in coffee and tea.

Since 1970 Bijdendijk is no longer in hands of the Bijdendijk family, but because of the good reputation the name had, they chose to keep Bildendijk as a trade name. Around 1970 the choice was made to specialize in coffee trade.

We highly value a good relationship with our suppliers, as well as with our customers. We show this by executing our contracts very accurately. Through our knowledge of coffee, especially by documenting the characteristics of flavors through tasting, we are able to deliver customized orders to many of our customer.

Wide range of coffee beans

In the coffee branch our company is a relatively small, but strong player. Bijdendijk has achieved this position through excellent branding with its customers and its suppliers. One of the reasons is that Bijdendijk will only buy or sell after a sample of each batch has been individually tested for aroma, color and flavor.

Our product range covers conventional description coffees from Brazil, Guatamala, Colombia, India, Vietnam, etc. We also have a wide range of certified coffees (UTZ, RFA, Fairtrade and Organic) You can find our wide product range on this page.

Save the date – 18.10 till 22.10 Host Milano 2019

We look forward to welcome you at our stand at the Host Milano.

Host Milano is the world leading trade fair dedicated to the world of catering and hospitality. Coffee is a main product at this fair.

Our team is looking forward to meet you!

Certification – New Rainforest Alliance

Bijdendijk is your valued partner in certified coffees.
Last year the UTZ and RFA certifications merged into an new Alliance with a new brand logo and strategy.

In short the 5 developments:
– New logo
– New strategy
– New certification program
– Mutual recognition of Chain of Custody
– Marketing support

Update: A detailed assessments for coffee showed that offering mutual recognition could create significant shifts in supply and demand in the sector which could have a negative impact on the income of coffee producers. So the Alliance decided it was best not to include it at this time.

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