Coffee from Brazil

Coffee from Brazil

The first coffee plants were planted by Francisco de Melo Palheta in the state of Para in the north of Brazil in the 18th century. From Para the coffee plants spread throughout Brazil. Until the beginning of the 19th century the coffee was mostly used locally. This changed when there was an increase in demand on the European market and that of the United States.

Cerrado (de Minas) Arabica
A good quality coffee comes from the Cerrado area in Minais Gerais. This is an area where are small plantations of about 2 hectares/ 5 acres, as well as medium sized plantations of about  300 hectares/ 740 acres. The wet summers and mild, dry winters, as well as the location of the plants which grow at an altitude of about 800 to 1300 meters make this area excellent for growing coffee.

Mogiana Arabica
This area is part of Minas Gerais and São Paolo. It is eminent for growing coffee because of the location of the plantation and the mild temperatures.

Quality description

– NY (New York) 2/3
This specifies the quality of the beans according to the standard of the Green Coffee Association of New York. The term 2/3 refers to the number of defects allowed within the limits of the 2/3 type.

– Screen 17/18
This is a reference to the size of the bean. These beans are larger than screen 14/16.

– Fine cup
A mild coffee (a coffee with a mild taste)

– Good cup:
A sharp or hard coffee (A coffee with a sharp or hard taste)

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