Coffee from Indonesia

Coffee from Indonesia

The VOC (Dutch East India Company) the first limited private company and at that time the largest trading company in the world, wanted to break through the monopoly on coffee held by the Arabic countries. They succeeded in obtaining the seeds and by doing so they stand at the basis of the coffee culture in India. As a result of a serious outbreak of leaf rust, the Robusta variety was introduced. This Robusta now accounts for the largest part of the production of coffee.

Kalossi Arabica
These unwashed coffee beans come from Sulawesi, previously known as Celebes. The most important area for coffee (Kopi in Indonesian) are the Toradja Highlands. Sulawes is known for its high iron content in the ground which gives the Kalossi its own characteristic taste.

Mandheling Arabica
Mandheling is a brand or trade name for coffee grown in the north of the island of Sumatra.

Lintong Arabica
In the area of Lake Toba, a lake more than 500 meters deep, Arabica coffee is grown. The name is derived from the Lintongnihuta district.

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