Continent: Asia
Altitude: 400– 1800 M.A.S.L.
Grading: Mandheling, Kalossi, Java PTPN, EK1, AP1
Screen size: Screen 14-20
Varieties: Jember, Catimor, Sigarar Utang, Ateng, Flores, BGN
Processing methods: Washed, semi-washed and unwashed
Harvest period: Java: between July – September
Bali: between May – October
Sumatra: between September – December
Flores: between May – September
Total production: (expressed in 60kg bags) Approximately 12 million, of which 80% robusta and 20% arabica.

The VOC , the first public limited company and at the time the largest trading company in the world, wanted to break the monopoly in coffee of the Arab countries. They managed to obtain the seeds and thus form the basis for the coffee culture of Indonesia. Due to a serious outbreak of leaf rust, the Robusta variety has been introduced, which now accounts for the majority of coffee production.

In Indonesia, coffee is produced on the various islands such as Java, Bali, Sumatra, Sulawesi and Flores. Mandheling is a well-known coffee from Sumatra. It is a brand name for coffee originating from North Sumatra. A common coffee from Sulawesi is the Kalossi. The main area for coffee (Kopi in Indonesian) is the Toradja Highlands. Sulawesi is characterized by a high iron content in the soil, which gives the Kalossi its own character.

There are different grades where grade 1 is the highest quality with the fewest defects. There are also other descriptions such as EK, which stands for first quality. Each description represents a different way of preparing and processing the coffee.

Bijdendijk can recommend the following coffees:
• Indonesia Mandheling Grade 1
• Indonesia Kalossi Grade 1

These coffees are characterized by a spicy and creamy flavor profile with notes of dark chocolate, flowers and herbs, with a round full body and a mild acidity.


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