Continent: Central America
Height: 1100 – 2100 M.A.S.L.
Grading: Hard Bean (HB) and Strictly Hard Bean (SHB)
Screen size: Screen 14-15 up
Varieties: of Arabigo, Bourbon, Typica, Maragogype
Processing Methods: Crops
Harvest period: Between December – March
Total production: (expressed in 60kg bags) About 3,500,000

It is likely that Jesuit missionaries introduced coffee to Guatemala in the mid-18th century. As in Costa Rica, coffee has been used by then-President Barrias as a means of stimulating the economy. The main coffee producing regions in Guatemala include Antigua, Huehuetenango, Coban, Nuevo Oriente, San Marcos and Fraijanes.

The Antigua coffee region is located between the three volcanoes Agua, Acatenango and Fuego. It is a valley with the town of Antigua as its base, from which the area owes its name. The coffee is grown in the valley, which is already at an altitude of 1600 meters. The location of this area is unique, because the volcanic earth ensures stable humidity all year round.

Another area is Huehuetenango, you pronounce this Huehuetenango as Wee Wee Te Nango. This is a non-volcanic area that is also high above sea level and rather dry. Coffee is grown here at about 2000 meters altitude.

Located in the northern part of Guatemala; a subtropical area. The name Coban comes from the Maya dialect and means something like ‘place of the clouds’. This has everything to do with the rainfall in the area, the clouds and the high humidity.

The terms Strictly Hard Bean (SHB) and Hard Bean (HB) are used to indicate the height at which the coffee was grown. The coffee grown at altitudes above 1,300 meters grows more slowly, making the bean firm and compact hence Strictly Hard Bean.

Bijdendijk can recommend the following coffees:
• Guatemala SHB Antigua
• Guatemala SHB Huehuetenango
• Guatemala SHB Coban

These coffees are characterized by a fruity flavor profile with notes of chocolate, citrus and orange, a round and sweet body with a medium acidity


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