Continent: Asia
Altitude: 700 – 2000 M.A.S.L.
Grading: Plantation A, B and C.
Monsooned Malabar and robusta grades such as Cherry AA 18, A 17 and the unwashed Kaapi Royale
Screen size: Screen 14-18
Varieties: Selection 795, Selection 9, Caturra, Kent, Cauverry, Robusta
Processing methods: Washed and unwashed
Harvest period: Between October – February
Total production: (expressed in 60kg bags) About 6,200,000 of which about 75% robusta and 25% arabica.

The coffee culture in India is due to Baba Budan. He is said to have smuggled coffee beans from Mecca and planted them in the mountains of the Chikkamangaluru district known as Baba Budan Giri. Commercial-scale coffee cultivation began in the 18th century and today is mainly export-oriented. Well-known coffee regions in India are Chickmagalur, Coorg, Pulneys, Nilgiris, Bababudangir, Manjarabad.

There are different grades for the washed Arabica coffee from India. These are the so-called Plantation coffees. Think of Plantation AA or Plantation B. The indication Plantation AA, Plantation A and Plantation B refers to the screen size of the beans. Washed and unwashed robusta is produced in India. The name Cherry is used for the traditionally prepared sun-dried coffee. The screen size is also indicated here by means of letters. For example, India Robusta Cherry AA. The best-known robusta crop is a parchment AA, also called Kaapi Royale.

In the 18th century, the beans were transported to Europe from southern India by wooden sailing ships. During this journey, the beans were exposed to humidity and tropical sea breezes. This affected the beans and gave them their characteristic taste. To mimic this process, the beans are now exposed to the tropical monsoon winds on the Malabar coast in well-ventilated department stores. For 2-3 months, the beans undergo this ‘monsooning’ process to create this distinctive flavour.

Bijdendijk can recommend the following coffees:
• India Plantation AA
• India Monsooned Malabar AA
• India Parchment AA Kaapi Royal

These coffees are characterized by a full and powerful flavor profile with notes of chocolate and a high aromatic complexity with a medium acidity.


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